Anna Siekierska. Weeds and People

Zachęta Project Room, Warszawa 17 Jan - 15 Mar 2020
Anna Siekierska, an environmental activist and graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (diploma in 2013), has prepared an exhibition for the interiors of the Zachęta Project Room. The artist primarily creates works that critically examine the human approach to nature. Architecture is also an important source of inspiration for her.

This time the author’s starting point were reflections on the problem of urban wastelands (she studied the Edmund Szyc Stadium in Poznań and the Wawerskie Zakole meander of the Vistula in Warsaw). She sees the wastelands as positive places that offer a chance to save the naturally developing ecosystems in the cities. The project is a kind of manifesto against marginalising the presence of non-human neighbours, such as wild plants and animals. The artist believes that the environment can be healed by refraining from typical human interference. The exhibition will present new works — installations, photographs, sculptural objects and films.

More information on the exhibition can be found on Zachęta’s website or on Facebook.