Studio Gallery, Warsaw 16 Sept - 17 Nov 2019
The exhibition Transfert at the Galeria Studio in Warsaw revolves around the questions of migration and exile. Its key motifs are phantom islands, shifting horizons, and the Mediterranean Sea as a borderline between death and survival, home and expulsion

In the current political situation, marked by armed conflicts, economic crises, the rise of authoritarian regimes and nationalism, ecological unsustainability and the oppression of women, “transfert” means circulation – of people, words, and objects. It points at the distortion of messages, the impossibility to grasp one’s identity and convey it to others. We also draw attention to displacement that occurs within artworks: broken structures of communication, exchanged codes. Transfert, a painting by Jadwiga Maziarska from 1980, features here as the visual motto of the show, and can be perceived as the representation of a message: biological, linguistic, and artistic.

More information about the exhibition is available on the Studio Gallery’s website.