States of isolation: The world from the windows of my room.

Polish-Japanese Academy of IT April 20th 2020
"The world that we know goes into oblivion" — whether one agrees with this statement or not, the current crisis affects us all. With the severity and realness of the situation, we are also given an opportunity to think about the value of existing social agreements, the future of interpersonal relationships, and about our future as a species. The feeling of isolation that we have to face right now — each of us in their own way — has become a bonding force for us all. It is true, we live in a state of emer-gency (both both politically and mentally) and it is through this workshop session that we would like to explore both the cultural as well as personal experience of states of isolation and virtual togetherness.

Our workshop participants will have an opportunity to scrutinise their current experiences. We will study the reality that surrounds us today and use our observations as a record of a unique time in history. We will start with questions about the future of a global village and free cultural exchange. We will focus on one’s view of the outside world, which — during an imposed state of isolation — is available to us only through a window; whether a virtual window of an electronic interface or the window of our offline existence. Most of us are familiar with their own view but are we aware of the perspective that others have, and does the seemingly unchanged outside reality hide big changes that await us?

This workshop is an active, artistic, design based immediate response to the current situation. The results are both unknown and yet serve as an opportunity to relate and reflect upon the uncertainty of the world within a cultural and economic diversity that represents our school community.

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